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Asian Institute of Technology (Thailand)


Brief History

The Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) is an international institute of higher learning founded in 1959. It is Asia’s pioneer institution to help meet the region’s growing needs for advanced learning in engineering, science, technology, environment, development and management, research and capacity building. AIT’s mission is to develop highly qualified and committed professionals who will play a leading role in the sustainable development of the region and its integration into the global economy. In addition to its main campus in Thailand, AIT has also established centers in Vietnam and Indonesia, and plans to open additional satellite centers in the region and beyond. For over 50 years of excellence in higher learning, AIT has distinguished itself as an autonomous not-for-profit academic institute where students learn to work across various cultures and get prepared for today’s and tomorrow’s globalized workplace.

AIT has produced 17,000+ graduates from 80+ countries, and trained 25,000+ participants through short courses. More than 90 percent of AIT graduates remain in the region and hold positions of influence in government, academe and industry.

Among other recognitions, the Institute is a recipient of the Ramon Magsaysay Award for International Understanding in 1989, and the Friendship Order of the Government of Vietnam in 2006.

Campus Area

The green 330-acre park-like AIT campus is located in Pathumthani, 42 km north of Bangkok.

Enrollment Statistics

About 2,300 students from 45+ countries


130-member faculty from 20+ countries

Schools and programs

AIT has three Schools that provide multi-disciplinary academic programs:


  • School of Engineering & Technology (SET)
  • School of Environment, Resources & Development (SERD)
  • School of Management (SOM)


AIT also has the AIT Extension which offe rs non-degree continuing education to professionals around the world including university administrators.


Academic programs at AIT are constructed to address the emerging socio-economic issues impacting developing nations today. The institute has the capacity to address some of the key development issues of our time, such as access to education, gender quality, environmental sustainability, and development of global partnerships for sustainable development in the context of climate change.

Through a rich and varied curriculum, students at AIT are presented with innumerable opportunities for intellectual growth. A normal master’s degree program at AIT is of 22 to 24 months and a doctoral degree program is of 3+ years. The Diploma program runs for 12 months while the Certificate program is of 6 months. AIT programs lead to the award of:


  • Doctoral Degree
  • Professional Doctoral Degree
  • Master’s Degree
  • Executive Master’s Degree
  • Professional Master’s Degree
  • Post-graduate Diploma
  • Post-graduate Certificate
  • Bachelor Degree


All academic programs at AIT are taught in English.

Students at AIT have the option to study, do research, and conduct fieldwork with our academic and research partners all around the world. At AIT itself, our students learn how to live and work in a highly multicultural environment.